1. GENERAL INFORMATION ON THE DERBY: The Casablanca International Derby, a project carried out with the technical support of experts with proven experience in this matter, will take place on the route between Berrechid and Ben Ahmed at 6 Km away from Berrechid.

New facilities at 280 meters above the sea, in a plot of 5,000 square meters, the Derby has the capacity to house 5,000 pigeons.

The Derby has a team of pigeon sport specialists and experts from Europe specialized in the organization and management of this type of activity.

The flight path chosen favors the running of the competitions in the best conditions so as to allow the achievement of better performances and the international influence of the owners and their strains, in a context where the activity needs to be promoted. . The route will head south to north to better demonstrate the qualities of all participants, ensuring a better show. All races will be broadcast live and online on our website ( All basketings and races will be public. The pigeons will be cared for with dedication and professionalism in one of the best facilities in Africa.

Participation in the Derby implies acceptance of these conditions, which are of a contractual nature.

2. REGISTRATION: Each participant is allowed to register as many pigeons as he wishes, composing a team of 3 pigeons, plus 2 reserve pigeons. For a first experience, participants are exempt from registration fees. The payment of the participation fees of the reserve pigeons will have to be carried out before the organization of the 1st contest of 05/09/2019 in the release of Sidi Bennour (112 km) for a value of 800 MAD / 80 € by pigeon. If you choose not to activate the reservation, it will then go to an activation list and remain free; it can therefore be activated by another participant who will in turn activate the pigeon on the list before the next basket, more precisely that of Echemmaia (173 km), on 12/09/2019. In this case, the first person would lose his right to be rewarded, the latter would then be granted to the member who will activate it. Admission is open to national and international pigeons who must wear rings of the current year. The registration date is between March 15th and the end of June 2019, June 30th being the last day for admission of registered pigeons. The Derby puts a registration form at the disposal of the participants; it must be completed and transmitted in order for the participation to be fully effective. There are two ways of payment: Western Union or bank transfer for the account number on the Derby website for foreign participants and cash for nationals. The entire registration process is detailed in the registration section of the website.

3. RECEPTION OF THE PIGEONS: the pigeons will be received with charge of the participant. The mandatory documents to be submitted at the same time as the pigeon reception are the following: the pedigree of each pigeon, as well as its title deed, the veterinary certificate, the proof of payment and the duly completed registration form. The organization of the Derby must be in possession of these documents before the start of competitions (Sidi Bennour, 05 August 2019).

You can send them to us at the same time as sending the pigeons or by e-mail to the address: or by the other usual channels. If these documents were not to be delivered, the right to acquire 50% of the auction would be lost. When the registration is made, the pigeons will become the property of the Derby organization.

4. RACES: The Derby Organization reserves the right to modify the planned events as it sees fit in order to promote the smooth running of the competition and the well-being of the birds. The races for which the pigeons are in competition are presented below: FIRST, the 01/07/2019: (5 km). SECOND, the 04/07/2019: (5 km). THIRD, 08/07/2019: (10 km). FOURTH, the 11/07/2019: (10 km). FIFTH, the 15/07/2019: (30 km). SIXTENTLY, on 18/07/2019: (30 km). SEVENTH, the 22/07/2019: (50 km). EIGHTH, the 25/07/2019: (50 km). NINTH, the 29/07/2019: (70 km). TENTH, the 01/08/2019: (70 Km). ELEVENTH, the 05/08/2019: Sidi Bennour (120 Km). TWELFTH, the 12/08/2019: Chemmaia (207 Km). THIRTEENTH, 19/08/2019: Chichaoua (252 Km). FOURTEENTH, the 26/08/2019: Imintanout (289 Km). SEMI-FINAL, the 02/09/2019: Argana (345 Km). FINAL, the 09/09/2019: Zaouiat Massa (460 Km).

5. PRIZES:The displayed priZzes are calculated on the basis of a total of 2500 pigeons activated. they will not be confirmed until the activation period is over. If the total number of pigeons activated exceeds this figure, ie 3500 pigeons, the price will be increased proportionally (in percentage) compared to the registered pigeons. The prices can be increased until reaching 500.000 DH in case the total of the registered pigeons reaches 5000 pigeons. Pigeons that are not activated do not count for prizes. Reserve pigeons do not count towards the sum of the pigeons entered for the calculation of prize money. All price categories together with the corresponding amounts are indicated in the prize table annexed to this Regulation. Thus the first prize of the finalist will automatically amount to an amount of 120,000 DH, the equivalent of 10,910 Euro and the prize As Pigeon will be awarded to the pigeon with the highest score. The first prize As Pogeon will also systematically amount to 60,000 DH, the equivalent of 5,454 Euro

6. AUCTION: The first 50 ranked pigeons and the first 10 of the AS Pigeon will be auctioned as follows: 50% of the value of the winning bid will be awarded to the organization, while the other 50 % will be given to the owner of the pigeon. The other pigeons will be auctioned and 100% of the value of the auction will be donated to the Derby organization.

7. VACCINATION AND QUARANTINE : the owner of the pigeons must have them vaccinated and deworm them before sending them. The organizers of the derby reserves the right not to accept pigeons that are not fit for the competion. Once the pigeons have been sent, the organizer of Derby will take care of vaccinating the pigeons again; using the services of the official Derby veterinarians. The organization will have the right and the duty to quarantine birds from countries where certain diseases are present, such as Salmonella, paramyxovirus (PMV) or bird flu. The organizer of Derby will not be liable in case of force majeure or accident that may occur during the celebration of the planned events.


A dynamic team is mobilized for the welfare of pigeons

The organization of the Derby is reinforced by the mobilization of a work team made up of specialists in management, marketing, a team of experts in computer science and veterinary caretakers.